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  1. Ronald Gervais

    I started my hot tub outdoors after no winter use. The pump and heater ran ok for 4 hours and the gfi tripped. I reset it and instantly tripped again. I disconnected the heater and pump ran for 3 seconds and gfi tripped. I left the pump disconnected and reconnected the heater. The gfi instantly tripped. Both the pump and heater are tripping the gfi independently. I’m suspecting the Cutler Hammer gfi breaker is faulty. What do you think?

    1. Ronald you may have a bad heater, bad pump and or bad GFCI. Check the pump impellor by hand that it is freewheelin and not sticking. Check for any excessive moisture around the heater element cold rods and around the electrical connections and venting around the pump motor. Check for moisture around the GFCI if it is in an outdoor box.
      If all of this checks out it is worth running a space heater in the equipment bay of the spa on a low heat setting to make the area dry. Then try to reset the GFCI again after a good amount of dry time. If you would like a link to our website to get a price and availability on a new heater please send me the make and model of your spa and kw of the heater if possible.

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