Hot Spot TX 2012 Spa has a – – – – message.

How can I remedy a a – – – – message on my 2012 Hot Spot TX 2012 hot tub.

1 thought on “Hot Spot TX 2012 Spa has a – – – – message.”

  1. Hi Douglas. Typically when you see this error code the water temp has raised above acceptable safety limits and triggered the safety “Watchdog” program of the spa system. Condition can cause injury or damage to spa and its components. The spa deactivates in this situation. The trick is figuring why it raised the temperature to an unacceptable limit. If the water in the spa is much higher then your set temperature you could start by cooling the water down. Lift the cover half open, dilute the spa water with cooler water and power cycle the spa. This should bring it out of Watchdog and give you some time to figure out what is causing the error while the spa is operational again. Could be a dirty soiled filter, a plugged circ pump and or circ line, a bad circ pump, plugged heater and or a bad temp or hi limit sensor. In rare occasions a bad circuit board and or topside control panel could also produce this error code. If the actual water was at your set temperature when the Watchdog code appeared you would be leaning more towards an electronic issue ie bad sensor and or circuit board/topside panel. Make sure all your transformer connections are tight to the circuit board and making good contact. Typically if the spa has a sensor or electronic problem it would start with a lower level error code like SN1, SN2, SN3, FLO etc and than if left long enough without that code being corrected it would revert to the Watchdog code.

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