Hot not heating

recently replaced my heater( part#6500-402) on my Bahia 2003 model hot tub. Prior to this, breaker was Tripping. Now
No longer tripping. Problem is after filling it up with water and turning it on first was the code FL 1 and it cleared on its own after about 10min or less. Started flashing ICE 47 and numbers kept climbing to over 100 and now it flashing OH but water remains cold without heating up all. Help please.

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  1. Temba, if you also replaced your s/s current collector make sure your hi limit probe is tucked in tight behind its harness and the wingnut is cinched down firm. If this all checks out you could have a bad temp sensor. If it is your sensor and you send me your serial number I can send you a link for pricing and availability. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a Diagnostic and repair for the next time we are in the Garson region.

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