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We have just opened our pool and we have a heart pump and not heating up the pool. No heat coming out of jets in pool even though temp set at 90 degrees. Tried doing a hard reset by turning off the breaker on the panel and waiting a minute and turning back on and seemed like it switched on for a minute and then off . We had the heater looked at last year and the guy replaced the conducer on it. need advice

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  1. Chris check for any error messages on the heat pump control pad. An error message could point you towards where the problem lies. If there are no error messages and you have a fireman’s switch or automation try and take the heat pump offline from the switch and or automation setup and activate it manually from the cabinet online control pad.
    If it still does not turn on to stay on check your voltage in and out to the compressor contactor with your multi meter. You should have voltage coming in and out both sides of the contactor once the compressor engages. If you don’t check that all your wiring connections are good within the cabinet. If this all checks out you could have a bad start capacitor, bad contactor or bad compressor. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Heat pump. Good luck troubleshooting with these tips and have a great long wknd.

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