Heater not heating water. Please help ASAP as trip to Winnipeg (700 km) happens this weekend.

I have a 15 year old Nautilus Infinity Spa. It has worked perfectly until just recently. It now will not heat the water. We turn the spa on and the temperature readout indicates that the temperature is climbing. However, at 104 the water is still cold, and at 199, the temperature indicator blinks constantly and the water is still cold. The heating unit is an ASP-2000 240 volt 4kw also purchased in 2000.

The temperature sensor cable had to be reseated about 6 months ago, but it has worked fine for those 6 months until last week.

The only thing that we have done to try to fix the problem is to reseat the rubber covered plugs for the control unit and the pump unit. This has made no difference. I have also pressed the high temp reset button once.

Your help would be appreciated as soon as possible. Bob will be in Winnipeg on Saturday if there is anything that he might need to pick up from you.

Thank you. Bob & Cheryl Davies

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  1. Cheryl there are many scenarios that can cause the no heat sequence.  A soiled filter, a poor or dirty connection in the wiring, a bad thermostat, bad heater element, bad contactor, bad hi-limit.  With a call for heat the best way to check if your heater element is working is to use the clamp meter side of a multimeter to check for current draw on one of the heater element wires.  With a heat call your heater element should be pulling approx. 16.6 amps.  If you don’t have this reading with a call for heat you may have a bad heater element.  If this is the case bring in your old heater element and you would be able to purchase or order a new heater element from our Parts department when you are next at our store subject to availability.  If you do have the reading of 16.6 amps with a heat call you would want to next check to see if your sensor connected to the thermostat is properly placed against the metal current collector that houses your heater element.  If it is not properly placed you could be sensing more ambient air temperature then water temperature and could be causing the heater element to overheat until your hi-limit switch trips.  Always make sure your water is at proper operating level.  Low water level can cause the pump to cavitate and the heater to intermittently heat or dry fire and trip your hi-limit switch.  If all else fails contact your local Spa Service Support Desk to perform a diagnostic and repair of your spa.

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