I have a 2006 Jacuzzi 485. I’m getting a FLo code. I had to replace the circulation pump a couple months ago. Hot tub was working great. Then I get this flo code. I have replaced the filter and flow switch. And still getting the Flo code. If I turn the Circultuon pump off it goes away but if the circulation pump is running I’m getting a flow code. What’s going on??

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  1. Hi Samuel. With the filter in and the small circulation pump running and the waterfall valve open is there water movement through the waterfall?

  2. Yes the waterfall works when the Circ pump is running. If the Circ pump is on FLO code flashes but if I turn the Circ pump off Flo code goes away immediately. I assumed it was th flow switch so I replaced it and still getting the same issue.

    1. Visually check the flow switch. Can you visually see it closed when the circulation pump is on and there is water movement through the waterfall?

    1. It’s helpful to know if the switch is visibally closed.
      If you unthreaded the old switch and threaded in the new one you may have not threaded it down far enough.
      Disconnect the leads from the switch and test across the leads on the switch with your multimeter set to ohms. Do you have continuity?

    1. Install a jumper on the flow switch jumper board pins and let me know whether the FLO error code remains or goes away.

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