FLO flashing

My 1 year old Rotospa was drained for the summer. I had no idea you should not do this. Just filled it today and the Gecko display is flashing FLO. What do I do?

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  1. Hi Scott. A flashing FLO message typically means your filter needs to be changed or the filter is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Run the spa briefly without the filter ie 15min to see if the FLO error code goes away. If it does go away replace your filter with a new one. If it doesn’t go away check your flow or pressure switch for continuity with the pump running. If you have continuity with the pump running and an infinite reading with the pump off the switch would be testing good with a multimeter. Any other readings and it could be a bad switch. Check the connections to the Flow or pressure switch from the board for breaks or cuts. If this all checks out you could have blockage in the circulation line, circulation pump and or a bad circulation pump. Check for proper voltage at the circ pump test points on the board with a multimeter with a present heat call. If you have proper voltage you could have a bad connection from the pump to the board and or a plugged pump and or a bad pump. If you don’t have proper voltage there you could have a bad board.

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