flashing flo error on Sundance Optima

Please contact me as quickly as possible – i have 40 people coming tonight and need to fix the flow error. I have tried to remove the filter and reset the breaker with no change

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  1. Jeff if you still have waterflow through your waterfall check your connections from the Flow switch to the sensor harness at the PWA for cuts or breaks or bad connections. Also check to see if there is any blockage in the Flow switch. You could open up the union to the circulation pump to see if there is blockage there as well. Sometimes the filter sock underneath the filter could get sucked into the circulation pump housing if you are unaware it is loose when you remove the filter to clean. If all else fails contact our Sundance Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Spa.

  2. I have a Sundance cameo 880. Flashing FLO error. I replaced filter with brand new filter. I bled line from air and replaced O rings. I replaced the FLO switch. Still flashing FLO error.

  3. We have a 2006 Sundance Optima 880 with a flashing “flo” error. We have replaced the filter, temp sensor, hi limit sensor and flow switch. To no avail. We don’t know what is causing the error and cannot get anyone to come look at it. We’re at our wits end…HELP!!!

  4. I done did all the above mentioned steps. Removed filter. checked for kinks. i also replaced the whole Tee with flow switch on it. so it now has new flow switch. Nothing has worked i checked for air leaks. blew water through filter hole. cleaned filter caps. still cant get flashing FLO to go away. the only way we have been able to get the FLO message off is by jumpering the flo switch wires. when we do that the heater and circulation pump kicks on. and water starts gushing through the flow switch. but after a minute the spa cuts off into watchdog mode. but as of now the pump1 and pump 2 both work when everything is hooked up but the FLO message is still there. no water is gushing through the flow switch tee, there is actually air pockets in the tee where the flo switch is and the circulation pump wont kick on. and like i mentioned no water is coming out of waterfall when valve is open. I am northwest alabama

    1. Hi Katelin. Good news that your circ pump works and you can get water flowing. From your description it sounds like you may have a bad PWA ie circuit board considering that it is going into WATCHDOG. This is provided you are confident you installed the new Flow switch properly. The two jet pumps are independent of the circulation circuit and they only provide flow to the therapy jets and seating. If you would like to purchase that circuit board we do have it in stock. Here is the link to purchase it: https://shop.aqua-tech.ca/products/sundance-spas-jacuzzi-circuit-board-pn-6600-728

  5. I thought Watch Dog is to save it from burning up. how can i be 100% sure that it is the board. when everything else seems to be working. the watch dog, cuts on afteer a minute or to of everything running, when we jumper it. are you saying that when we by pass the Flo Switch that it should work properly if the board is a good circuit board that it shouldnt never go in watch dog mode even though we are jumping the system.

    1. When you put in the new board. Alternatively you could hire an authorized Sundance Service Technician to diagnose and repair your 2006 Optima for you.

  6. Hello –

    We have an Optima 880. The flow switch has needed replacing about every 6-9 months for the last couple of years.

    When it goes out, the water stops circulating.

    Now, I am seeing the FLO error, but water is still circulating, ie. the waterfall is working.

    I have a small ceramic heater inside, where the pumps and pipes are, to keep it from freezing.

    What’s the likely problem, this time? Still the flow switch, or is it something else?

  7. Sundance optima, fitted new circulation pump as advised by technician, flashing flo still appears, no waterfall, primed pump, taken out filter and put hose left and right, new micro filter arrives on Thursday but I’m not holding out much hope of this fixing problem, can you offer any advice
    Thanks Steve

    1. If you can hear the circ pump running open a union to the circ pump til you see water trickling out to see if there is an air lock that needs to be aleviated. Keep the union open til the air lock is aleviated and the water flow starts in the spa. If you don’t hear the circ pump running you could have a bad connection at the flow switch and or a bad flow switch and or possibly debris in the flow switch.

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