flashing BLB on display

Hello i have a 2005/6 Sundance Cameo and am seeing a BLB message on the display. We chose to go with an ozonator instead of UV so i’m not sure what the message is indicating. Help please and thank you.

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  1. Greg the blb message indicates the ClearRay Uv countdown timer has reached 365 days. Since you don’t have ClearRay you can disable the countdown timer. In Standard mode press the Cycle button 3 times. The LCD screen will display U. Press the Select button once. The status of the ClearRay system will then appear on the screen. Press the Up or Down arrow to toggle from On to Off. Press the Cycle button then the Display button to return to the water temperature display.

  2. So this is the first time we’ve ever seen this alert in the 10 years with our spa. Odd that it is popping up now? Should I be concerned about the ozonator? How do I verify that it is working?

    1. Greg if you have ever had the PWA replaced on your spa it may have been replaced with one that had the latest revision eprom chip which carries the countdown timer logic for your series of spa. The topside display will show an icon that looks like a small Sun depending on the revision of the eprom installed. This would indicate the ozone is on when in Standard mode with the circulation pump running. Activating a jet pump or blower will turn off the icon and the ozone and it will not turn back on til the jet pump has been off for 5min. If you don’t have the revision eprom or don’t see the icon open up the skirt panel area where the ozone unit is located. If you have a corona discharge ozone you should hear a faint buzzing sound near the unit. If you have an ultraviolet ozone there will be a view port on one side of the unit where you can see a blue light illuminated. Ultraviolet ozone units have a life expectancy of approx 2yrs before they start losing their potency. Corona discharge has approx a 3-4yr life. Ultraviolet units are usually rectangular and white in color, corona discharge square and blue in color.

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