fl 1

getting fl1 code did all troubleshooting procedures.pump 1 an 2 run fine. circulating pump seems like its humming an not really running. its a 240 volt pump ,hooked pump up directly to incoming L1 AN L2 TERMINAL BLOCK AN STILL HAVE SAME RESULTS. BAD CIRCULATING PUMP???????If so do i have to empty hot tub to change out? I have a sundance 780 series

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  1. Bill you shouldn’t have to drain the spa. If you shut the spa down you can crimp the flex lines on either side of the pump with vise grips to stop the water flow, then loosen your clamps and pull the flex lines away from the pump. Make sure you are not dealing with an airlock before you replace the pump. If it is just humming and its red hot to the touch you could have a bad or plugged circ pump.

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