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I have a 680 series Ramona with the FL1 error showing. I checked the manual and followed all directions to a “T” (page 44, 13.3) I am still getting the error code. The spa is only 4 months old and used less than a 2 dozen times. I purchased the spa at Country Comfort in Merced CA. I called and left a message for the owner this morning, but he won’t be in till Monday. Then, I saw your site so I figured I would see if I could do anything in the mean time.

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  1. Mike try removing your filter for 10 min. Make sure there is no debris that can get sucked in the filter port. Run the pump on hi for 10min. If the FL1 msg goes away replace your filter or rinse it thoroughly til you can replace it. If the FL1 msg doesn’t clear you could have a bad connection at the psi switch or a bad psi switch a plugged circ pump or a bad circ pump. If you had just drained and refilled the spa open up the union slightly on the circ pump to release any possible air locks.

  2. 2004 Sundance Palermo had a flo code , so we replaced the smaller filter which cleared the code but no heat. Heater light comes on but water not heating and upon removing side panel discovered melted / burnt off wires from heater to circuit board .

    1. Lisa you may have a bad heater element. In some cases the heater can also take out the PWA as well. Take a close look at the front and back of the PWA for burn marks. If you would like a purchase link for heater elements and PWA’s send us your serial number of your Sundance Palermo Spa.

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