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I have a 2004 Sundance Optima and after getting it up and running after it was idle for several years, I ran the pumps overnight and it displayed a weird error code. I recently put in all new filters, changed the flo sensor, and had to change my main breaker feeding the hot tub. It ran fine overnight and then displayed a 8.8:8.8 on the display, with the heater symbol on and lock symbol displayed. Nothing will operate on the spa anymore, I am assuming because the lock is displayed. Do you have any idea what part could be generating this message? I included a picture of the display.

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  1. Jeff try to turn the breaker off for 15min and then back on. If you still have the error msg or it comes back again after that and the topside control is non responsive and the spa does not run it’s automatic filter cycles and heat calls on its own you may have a bad PWA and or topside control panel. If you require parts for your 2004 Sundance Optima Spa visit our online store and click on Parts and Accessories, then click on the big yellow button Prices and availability.

  2. I turned off the breaker overnight and I am still having the same problem. Is there a way to diagnose if it is the PWA or the topside control panel. They are equally expensive and I would like to determine which one is failing if I have to replace one of them. I disconnected the topside panel from the circuit board and turned the breaker back on, but nothing happened. No pumps or heater turned on. Any help is appreciated. Thanks again

    1. Jeff if you have a smaller secondary control panel near the therapy seat you could try to disconnect this one. It should be connected to the main topside control in the lower level of the Sentry Control Box or just below this box in the sensor loom. If that doesn’t correct it you may have a bad PWA.

  3. Thank you for all your help, I just have one last question. Just prior to this issue starting I was having a problem with my circuit breaker. I had an electrician come out and he replaced my 60amp breaker with a 50amp breaker (all he had on his truck). The hot tub turned on and seemed normal until the next day when I noticed this problem. Can a smaller breaker cause this problem to occur? Have you ever heard of this happening? Thanks for all your help, you have been excellent.

    1. Jeff the lesser breaker size shouldn’t be a factor with respect to the condition you are experiencing. That being said you should set your jumper on the PWA for 50amp logic. The heat will not run while two pumps and or the air blower are running on hi speed with 50amp logic. This may or may not be an issue for you if you are in a cold region. If you are in a colder area you may want to have the electrician install a 60amp GFCI in which case you could leave the PWA at 60amp logic. If you have a factory spec PWA, Jumper JP9 #7 installed is 60amp logic. Jumper JP9 #7 uninstalled is 50amp logic.

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