control panel problem

control panel is reading 6.8.8 please help

3 thoughts on “control panel problem”

  1. I have a 2005 Sundance Hermosa hot tub. Serial no. OHE9LXD-100183539-0605. The pump and jets work, but it won’t heat. The message has gone from CoL to CO5 to 087 to — in the last 2 hours. Ant idea what is going on?

    1. Lesley there are no error messages like that related to the Hermosa spa. There is a COOL msg which means the spa is 20 degrees below set temperature. Make sure your spa is in Standard mode and set for the longest filter cycle and you have the thermostat set to call for heat. Remove your filter briefly ie 5min. If the heat icon still does not come on open up the Sentry Control Box and look for damage around the wires and the PWA where the heater wires connect to the heater terminal blocks on the PWA.

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