How to Clean Your System 3 Pool Filter Cartridges

System 3:Modular Media Cleaning Procedure

The modular media filter is designed for:

1) Low maintenance

2) Fine particle filtration

3) Cost savings


For best results, follow the steps below.

Based on normal operation the filter element must be chemically cleaned once a year.

To clean:

  1. a) Turn the pump off.
  2. b) Remove lid, and then remove both cartridge filters
  3. c) Hose off debris on filters using normal garden hose pressure

~DO NOT clean at the car wash

~ DO NOT use a pressure washer

  1. d) Fill container with very HOT water
  2. e) Add filter-cleaning chemical to water (BioGuard Filter Brite or Dazzle Filter Cleanse)
  3. f) Soak for 18 hours
  4. g) Remove filters and rinse fully with garden hose
  5. h) Return filters to System 3 and resume operation


Throughout the year tips:

  1. If pressure rises 10 lbs. above normal operating pressure, remove the filters and hose off (generally no need to chemically clean).
  2. If you have had an algae problem take your filters out and hose them off.
  3. Remember to vacuum on waste if you are removing large deposits of algae and debris.
  4. Never use any kind of Flocculating agents as clarifiers.
  5. Check with the water lab at Aqua-Tech to find out if your Step # 1 chlorine is compatible with your filter.


Service Tip:

Use a filter saver in your skimmer basket and you will improve your filter cycles up to 50%!



If you don’t want to chemically clean your filters yourself, bring them into Aqua-Tech’s service department and we will clean them for you.


Disassembly / Assembly Procedure

Before disassembling the filter::

1) Stop pump

2) Open air release valve

3) Close skimmer valves

4)  Wait until all pressure is released from the filter tank and system before loosening clamp knobs.


1)  Follow steps 1-4 above.

2)  Remove filter drain plug and drain all water from the tank.

3)  Loosen the clamps alternately (that is opposite sides of the tank) around the tank.  Remove clamps.

4)  Lift off the upper tank half from the lower tank half

5)  Remove the large o-ring slowly to avoid stretching or tearing it.

6)  Inspect the o-ring for cuts, nicks, etc.  If damaged, replace with new one.


7)  Clean the o-ring area of the tank half.

8)  Carefully re-install the o-ring and upper tank half.  NOTE:  be sure the upper tank half contacts the o-ring surface evenly and the seal area is clean and free from dirt.  Do not lubricate the o-ring as lubricants may cause it to swell.

9)  Install the clamps but DO NOT tighten them yet.

10)  Tighten all clamp knobs securely; hand tighten alternately (that is opposite sides of the tank) around the tank.  DO NOT work your way around the filter tightening adjacent clamps.

11)  Reinstall the filter drain plug


Start Up:

12) Open the skimmer valves

13)  Start the pool pump

14)  When a steady stream of water comes from the air release valve, close the valve.

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