Circulation pump

changed my filter yesterday and turned off the power first. Turned power back on and no circulating pump. Was told it should restart at midnight. It didn’t and it’s starting to cool down. Could someone call me please

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  1. Godfrey you can adjust your start time to be earlier by going into your programming from the topside control and then power cycling the spa again. An example would be setting the start time for am 10:30 and then power cycling the spa. Be sure your circ pump duration time is set for 24hrs and that you lock in the new setting with the display button if you do change the start time. The instructions are in your owners manual to navigate through this procedure. If you could provide me with your model of spa and year built or serial number I could send you the programming procedure. Alternatively you could click on this link and order emergency service and a service Tech would be dispatched today to service your spa.

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