chemicals for pool

How do I clean the filter for my swim spa? how do I run the filter, the last water analysis has a step where I am to run the filter?
The weekly 3 steps for the swim spa is it the same for both the swimming side and the hot tub?
When its not in use should any other air vents be open, the jets?

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  1. Depends how dirty the filter is Stephanie. Filters can be pulled out and simply rinsed of with normal garden hose pressure. If they have a deeper grease present between the pleats they can be soaked in a chemical de-greaser you can find in our store and or our e-commerce site. If you choose to soak the filters always have a spare clean set of filters to use while the dirty ones are soaking. This is a link to the filters for your SwimSpa:
    With respect to the controls for the SwimSpa we recommend setting the controls for Ready mode if you plan on operating/using and not winterizing the SwimSpa November through April.

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