Breaker tripping

  • What is causing the breaker to trip off on my Altamar hot tub? Does the message “bib” have anything to do with the problem.

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  1. Typically when the breaker is tripping it is caused by a dead short ie bad ozone, bad UV, bad heater, bad circ pump etc.
    The blb message is a reminder code to replace your ClearRay bulb and reset the countdown timer. Please let me know if you would like a Technician out to correct both issues on your Sundance Altamar spa.

  2. Michael Emerson

    I own a Sundance MAXXUS 880 bought in 2017

    I have a breaker that keeps tripping. Today I got into the control panel and unplugged the heater and the hot tub ran for a full 20 minute cycle. I celebrated and put the hot tub back together, went and told my wife that I fixed the hot tub, and then on cue… the circuit popped.

    After it pops it will not let me reset the breaker. If I allow it to sit for an hour, it will allow the breaker to be turned back on. I called the service tech and I’m on the list to get a visit, but it could be weeks.

  3. Michael Emerson

    I did. I went thru 1 by 1 and tried to figure out which component was keeping the breaker from being back on. In my last effort I unplugged the yellow cables, which I believe is the LCD lights ????????‍♂️. The power stayed on and Everything started working again and I almost started celebrating again and then the power tripped off.

    That’s when I put everything back together and came in the house to sulk.

  4. Michael Emerson

    The heater was also my first thought. I unplugged the heater and it still tripped. When I turn all jets off and run just the heater the breaker trips very quickly. With the heater unplugged I could run all the jets for the full 20 minutes, but then, it tripped.

    1. If the breaker still trips with the heater dis-connected you’ll have to dis-connect each appliance one by one with the heater also disconnected til the breaker holds. Start next with the ozonator if you have one, then Jet pump 1, jet pump 2, jet pump 3, the blower and after that the circulation pump

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