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Just had the pool opened last week and closed the automatic cover. It is a Safe T 3 cover and today when I was opening it up it stopped half way. The motor is not running at all its like there is no power going to it. The switch is on, I checked the breaker in the house and everything else has power, the heater, pump, UV filter. Is there a breaker switch or some other electrical switch that could have tripped? The cover motor is only four years old and gets regular annual maintenance, I can’t see how it would have just died all of a sudden.

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  1. Hi Tyler. Sometimes there is a smaller GFCI switch. If not located near the key then near the pool equipment pad. You could check this switch to see if it is tripped and needs to be reset. If it resets and the cover moves try to have one person down near the cover motor holding the lid open while the cover is opening or closing in case something is going on with the ropes or motor that caused the switch to trip. If you see something going on with the motor or ropes I would stop moving the cover and book a diagnostic of the cover.

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