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I have an issue when I hooked up the control box to an old ASP 9000 unit the GFI breaker trips once the toggle switch is turned on. Diagnosing the problem I found that the When I remove the power wire from the electronic thermostat the breaker no longer trips. I did try just disconnecting the load from the thermostat first (i.e. the heating element) and it still tripped. So I am left to believe it is the thermostat as there is nothing else left. I can run the pump successfully without the thermostat but once the power wire is attached to the thermostat it trips. Am I right in my diagnosis that the thermostat is the issue? The thermostat is an ETS1000 electronic thermostat supplied by TecMark. If so do you have replacements in stock? Thank you.

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  1. Mark try hooking up the pak how everything was before. Then disconnect the two wires going to the cold rods of the heater element. Then apply power to the pak and see if the GFCI holds. If it does you may have a bad heater element. A thermostat should typically not trip a GFCI. If you would like a purchase link to a new heater element please provide us with a kw rating of your heater element.

  2. Justin Joseph Mooney

    Hi Nigel I have an older asp 9000 that i just installed but i’m finding the heater is tripping straight away when i turn it on unless I unplug the wire going to the pump. If I do that the heater kicks in but obviously the waters not getting pumped anywhere. The pump seems to be circulating fine by itself. Also when I close a valve on the outlet of the pump the heater kicks in. It seems when there is no flow going over the heater element it kicks in,strange eh? Does the water connections to the heater have a designated inlet and outlet?

    1. Justin the water connection does not have a designated inlet/outlet on the ASP. Sounds like you could have a bad heater element.

  3. Hi Nigel, I believe my heater element has failed in my ASP 9000, would you be kind enough to post a link to purchase a replacement?

  4. Hi,

    I recently set up an older spa with the ASP 9000 control box. I have been having issues with the water heater. It initially worked very well with the water temperature getting very hot but the hi-limit reset switch subsequently kicked-off. The spa now does not get hotter than 102 degrees and the thermostat has been erratic (sometimes rapidly kicking on and off). Is this an issue that may be fixed with a new thermostat? The water has gotten very hot, so the heating element seems to be good.

    1. Tom I could provide a link for you. The ASP came with either a solid state or electro-mechancial stat depending on the age of the control box. Please send me a picture of the back of your stat and I will provide a link. Please send the picture to

  5. Have a ten year old asp9000 pack which has a new heater element as old fryer due to a power surge with water block. Problem is the new heater light does not show the heater is on . Pump goes but probably no heat. In it on the bench now. What should I look to next. All parts replaced just 5 months ago after running about 5 years problem free. Local utility started and stopped about 5 times in 30 minutes during a storm and I got caught.need your helpful comments

    1. Check that your hi-limit isn’t tripped. If it is reset it. Does you contactor for the heater engage? If it does check for amp draw at one of the heater element wires. If you have proper current here then your heater is heating and you could have a bad heater indicator light. If the contactor doesn’t engage you could have a flow issue and or another bad component ie thermostat, contactor, pressure switch. Pull your filters briefly and run the spa without them ie 15min to see if the heater light comes on. If it does, replace your filters.

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