ASP 9000 Not Heating

Hi, last month I just bought a house which came with a hot tub and an older asp 9000 unit. The hot tub was running fine at 104 degrees but adjusting the knob in any direction brought the temperature down to 92-96 degrees and it was difficult finding that “sweet spot” again. Being that it was too cold anyway, I decided to clean it out. I drained it, wiping it down, then refilled it and turned on the heater again but I forgot to open the valve gates again (I closed them to fix a leak). After two days, the hot tub hasn’t heated up one bit. Did I ruin the heater by having it running with the gates closed or does it seem like there was a problem already that could be fixable? I’ve attached a photo of what the heater looks like.

3 thoughts on “ASP 9000 Not Heating”

  1. Jeremy with the water circulating try pressing the red hi limit switch on the front of the ASP box. If the switch is tripped you will feel a click as you push it in and the heater should turn on. If the switch is not tripped it will just feel like a dead switch with no movement.

    1. Thanks for getting back to me so soon. I pressed the switch in but it felt “dead” and did not click. According to you, this means it is not tripped. What would I have to do next in this case?

      1. Jeremy remove your filter temporarily and then turn the pump on hi for 1min and then back to low. Have the thermostat turned up all the way. If the heat light comes on you need to clean or replace your filter.

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