We are connecting the new AQUATRAINER SWIM SPA we just had delivered from Aqua-Tech and have 2 questions:
1. does our electrician have to supply his own electrical connections to the second pump
2. what does error code ER1 mean
please phone asap as the electrician is on site


  1. Tom, the two spa paks need to be wired together in series and then your main power feed should be connected in junction to that. A licensed qualified electrician should be able to access materials for this with the help of your Aqua-Trainer owners manual.
    Are you sure it is ER1? Have’nt heard that one before. Is it possible it is saying Prr. This would mean your temperature sensor is checking for temperature. If you don’t have power running to your circ pump this would be a common occurance. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk and we can put you in contact with a licensed qualified electrician to complete the hookup of your Aqua-Trainer.

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