AquaPure AP 1400 NO FLOW

I have a newly installed AquaPure AP 1400 but it isn’t generating chlorine as it keeps reading “no flow”. I have gone through the trouble-shooting options in the manual and none of those steps resolve my issue. When I unplug the interface from the board and plug it back in, it displays a few minutes of WAIT and then FLOW and CELL ON light come on. This lasts about a minute and then goes back to NO FLOW. Any ideas?

3 thoughts on “AquaPure AP 1400 NO FLOW”

  1. Charlotte, although Aqua-Tech is not a supplier of the AquaPure unit, we would suggest you explore flow restrictions. Do you have a sand or cartridge filter.

  2. Charlotte Reimer Mortensen

    We have a sand filter. I have done a backwash and cleaned the baskets in the skimmer and the pump.

  3. Charlotte, try running your filter on the recirculate or whirlpool position. If the unit still gives the flow error, the problem potentially could be coming from the circuit board or flow sensor in the unit. WHere did you purchase the unit from? When exactly did you install the unit

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