Aerated pool returns

I seem to be pumping aerated returns into our pool . I assume I’m sucking air from some place on the suction side. Just wondering were I should look first ? Pump basket o-ring maybe ?

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  1. Hi Jeremy. The oring on the trap basket and the orings on the drain plugs are a good place to start. Also the o-rings on the intake union of the pump and the ball valve in front of the pump. If there are any gear clamps above ground on the intake of the pump make sure these are tight. Make sure your skimmer basket at the pool and the trap basket in the pump are both clean. Check the baskets for breaks/cracks and make sure nothing has gotten by both baskets and plugged up your pump impellor. A plugged filter can also send a certain amount of air back to the pool. Easy enough to check that. Just remove your filters for 5-10 min and see if the air goes away running the pump without the filters.

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