Winter insulation

We’re getting ready for another long winter here, and i’m curious about what i can do to help make my hot tub more efficient when the temp outside is -20 to -40 Celsius outside. I have a great aqua-tech hot tub cover to keep the heat from rising up, but the removable wooden access panels have slats in them down below. I’m assuming that so the heat of the pumps can vent out in the hot summer. But can i seal them up a bit more for the cold winter months, and allow the heat generated by the pumps to help keep the water lines and tub warm? It would seem unnecessary to let that heat out, like driving with windows open during a snow storm and wondering why the heat’s on full blast.

I was considering wrapping an insulating blanket, similar to bubble wrap around the outside of the hottub skirt – it’s under a deck anyways and out of sight.

Or are there other ways to keep out the cold?

2 thoughts on “Winter insulation”

  1. Derek the vents in the skirting let very little cool air into the equipment bay. If you close up the vents you risk sending the spa into an overheat situation shutting it down in the middle of the winter. You also risk the chance of the control panel taking on condensation making the LCD readout not visible.

    If the spa is under a deck this should protect it from excessive wind which is good. Other then that the spa is manufactured to retain heat in sub zero temperatures and consume minimal energy provided you run the circulation/heating pump 24hrs.

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