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I’m not sure if it has gotten worse but every week I’m having to put about half an inch of water back in the hot tub. This equates to what I would estimate as 40 or so liters of water or 2-3 home depot buckets. I don’t think it’s leaking..I believe it’s just evaporation. I’d imagine with the colder weather more heat tends to escape? I have been noticing that the side flaps of the cover are basically rigid from being frozen and the straps to close it are about the same. We have a sundance peyton which is probably about 5 years old. Does this sound like it may need a new cover? Would be nice to talk to someone directly about this as there just seems like a lot of variables to me.

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  1. Hi Tyler. You could open up the main skirt panel to the equipment. This would be the panel under your keypad or on the keypad side.
    Check for leaks in this area.
    Longevity of the cover really depends on usage and how it is being maintained. 5yrs is certainly a great life for a cover. They can last anywhere from 2 to 5 years before you notice them not keeping the heat in as good anymore and the cover tends to get water logged and heavier the older it gets. New covers are $689.00. Let me know if you would like to order one and I can send you a purchase link.

  2. I havea 2003 J350 hot tub that came with the house we just purchsed spa sat empty for quite some time. filled it up now panel flashes cool change filters and flo, installed new filters no change. the two main pumps seem to operate fine, looking at the flow switch and can see some water flowing through with pump on low when pump is on high lots of water moving through it. what gives

    1. Hi Pat. Could be an airlock, bad connection at circulation pump and or flow switch, blockage in the circulation line and or a bad flow switch. Try running the spa briefly ie 15min without the filter to see if the FLO message clears. If it does you have a soiled filter on your hands and or an air lock.

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