sundance altamar 880 replacement topside control no power

I have a 2010 Sundance Altamar 880. Okay, so here is the short version of a long story… a couple years ago the topside control panel fried from improper ventilation, and at the time we couldn’t really afford to have it replaced so we wired each of the pumps and the heater to its own switch. Now, we were able to purchase a replacement topside control (part # 6600-854) and installed it. The problem is that when I flip the breaker on, the display shows a code that looks like this
/ / / /
for a few moments, and then goes blank again. I can also hear a faint humming coming from one of the motors, but I am not positive where its coming from. Perhaps there is some incorrect wiring in the control box. I’ve got about 20 hours of googling into my troubleshooting research. ANY help to solve the issue and get my hot tub up and RRRRRUNNING again would be SOOOO appreciated!!!!! It may be easier to just call me 713-857-6056.
Thank you, and Happy Saturday!
Kelly and Richard
Houston, Texas.

3 thoughts on “sundance altamar 880 replacement topside control no power”

  1. Kelly that is the Watchdog error message. Now that you have a new topside you should put all your original wiring back to factory spec. Watchdog can be caused by bad or loose wiring connections at or to the sensors or PWA, bad transformer, bad temp and or hi limit sensor, bad mini fuse, bad topside control and or bad PWA. If you would like a link to any of these parts for prices and availability send me the serial number of your spa.

      1. Printed Wire Assembly or your main Circuit Board (Motherboard). This is where all your load devices are plugged into.

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