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My hot tub sat 2 years. When I put power to it it buzzes and stops. Sounds like the Moyer is froze up. How do I unfreeze it

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  1. Hi Douglas. It could be that the motor shaft is just stiff from sitting that long and needs to be moved. Easiest way to move it is to remove your rear bell end cap opposite of the pump wet end. Use a slotted screw driver to turn the motor shaft. Be sure to turn the shaft clockwise. You could also try and turn it by disconnecting the unions on the wet end and turning the impellor from inside the wet end. Sometimes there is a small space in between the motor and the wet end where you can put some vise grips or needle nose pliers on the shaft to move it. If you get the motor free wheelin again and it still just buzzes you could try a new start capacitor. If it still buzzes after a new start capacitor you could have a bad motor. We have most profiles of pumps in stock so if you need a new one feel free to send me your horse power, motor frame size, voltage and amperage ratings for low and hi speed if its a two speed pump and I’d be happy to send you a purchase link.

  2. The motor was freed up so I took the cap. to a store and it read 37 instead of 40 micro ferrard. Which should still work. I put power to the motor with the capacitor removed and it did the same thing. It would come on enough to turn the motor a couple of times. About 1/2 second then cut out.

    1. Hi Douglas. Try and crank the motor shaft with a screw driver flat head while somebody else presses the jet button. You may get it to start this way. Ideally you would do this test on a bench. Do it with a new capacitor installed. It will tell you whether the motor or cap is bad. Worse case scenario you end up with a spare capacitor that cost you 15 bucks. I’ve had bad capacitors give what looks to be a good or on the fence reading. Best method to test them is with an analog meter.

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