Spa motor overheating?

We have an older pillar spa with fuel pumps. The pump operating the volcano jet works fine. The circula Ion and jet pump is having issues. It turns on and does it filtration cycles without fail but when you call for the jets the pump will turn off after about 5 minutes and will not restart for several hours. I assuming overheating but have no idea how to test or fix. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Hi Dean. You could bench test it for a longer period of time then 5min if that’s how long it takes to shut off. If it runs longer then 5min on the bench then you know you have a programming issue and or circuit board trouble. If it kicks off after 5min on the bench you could have a bad motor. Make sure you hook it up to a tank of water when you bench test it so you don’t burn out the seal. Alternatively you could leave the pump where it is and wire that pump direct to your incoming power if your incoming power is the same voltage rating as the pump and test it that way.

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