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I have an alarm on my Pentair Heat Pump that say “5 Alarms”. What is the nature of that message? Also, the heat pump got my pool warmed up earlier this season but last weekend it was going through its start up cycle and then turning off after 30 seconds each time it started up. After it went through a few start up routine the “5 alarms” message would come up. Lastly, the heat pump is much louder this year than in the past and I wonder if there are parts or components that could need service or replacement to help with that. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Colin the nature of the 5 alarm message is that it indicates 5 faults have occurred in 1 hr. This fault will automatically reset in 1 hr or can be manually reset by pressing the on/off button. The cause would be 5 alarms of any kind within 1 hr. Examples of alarm triggers could be a number of things from low water flow, low water temperature, low or hi refrigerant to a failed or failing component. Examples of other troubleshooting techniques can be found in your owners manual on page 27. It is good practice to have the heat pump serviced/cleaned once a year. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Pentair Heat pump.

  2. Can you recommend a service company to look at my Pentair Ultratemp heat pump that is in 5 alarms and won’t clear the condition?

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