LED lights flash, second jet button unresponsive.

I have a Down East Providence II spa. It is a 2005 model. After about 10 minutes of running with the second jet button on the LED lights inside the spa start flashing. I am unable to turn them off and the second jets button also becomes unresponsive. Flipping the breaker is the only way to reset it. When the breaker is turned back on the lights still flash but turn off when the spa completes the startup cycle.

I have not found anything online specific to this problem. I am trying to figure out if the circuit board needs replaced, if the heater is bad, a pump or some other component should be addressed.

The heater / circuit board unit is a Balboa VS500. The unit has a model number of MS501S and a part number of 53619.

There are no error codes, the heater still works, pumps and jets still work, everything functions as it should except as described above.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


3 thoughts on “LED lights flash, second jet button unresponsive.”

  1. Hi Jon. If you have the single large topside control on that one you have a bad Circuit board. Let me know if you wanna order one. We ship to Ohio and can set you up with a suitable replacement. They are in stock.

  2. Thank you for the quick response. I do have a single topside control. I emailed a picture.

    Can you please provide information on a replacement circuit board?

    Thank you!

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