How can I change my jets without draining my pool?

hello, I’m trying to replace one of the side jets in my in ground pool.

The 90 degree elbow which is glued to the jet and goes to the pcv piping cracked and was leaking. I have the pool drained just past the jet so that I can remove it. My question is, can I pull back some of the liner to be able to remove the jet without the liner falling down too far and having to drain my entire pool to get this job done?

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  1. Chris, We assume you are referring to the elbow on the back of the return that is attached to the back of the steel wall. If this is the case what we can share with you is depending on the condition of the vinyl the level of water that you are required to remove depends. Generally speaking the more water you remove the easier time you will have to remove the bulkhead fitting. Draining any amount of water though is with risk. You risk the vinyl slipping down below the original cut out and perhaps will not be able to refit the return faceplate. There is also risk with draining too much water out of your pool as the vinyl shrinks quickly and that can be equally punishing. If the vinyl liner is less than 3 years old and has at least 85% of its flexibility in place 12 inch below the bottom of the return is probably where you would want to start to try and make the replacement. 9 times out of 10 the vinyl will slip away from the original spot and a weld of additional material is required. Be very careful with what you are undertaking mistakes can be very costly.

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