Heater Max e therm 333

I have a Max E Therm 333. It was working fine and the propane ran out. We are heating a pool only, not a spa.

We have been using pool mode like normal, but now after getting the propane filled again when I select Pool On, it reads the water temp correctly, but if I try to hit the up arrow the display says 8 and won’t move up. If I hit the arrow down it says 65 and won’t change.

If I switch spa mode, it seems to work fine and I can set the temp up or down and the heater kicks in.

Can I just run it in Spa mode since that seems to be working and heating the pool water ok?

Why did pool mode quit working after running out of propane? Is there a way to reset it? Why would the display only say 8 and not move when trying to move the temperature up?

Thank you!

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  1. Hi Mark. You can run it in Spa mode. Sounds like you could have a bad membrane pad and or control board. Most likely a control board. Let me know if you would like me to send you a purchase link for a control board. We have them in stock.

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