FLO Error

My spa has an error reading FLO on the display and is not heating.

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  1. Jeremy what make and model spa do you have and what is the date built? This info can be found on the Sentry Control Box label. Also is the msg flashing FLO ie FLO and then the temperature with water movement or is the msg a solid FLO with no water movement?

    1. Nigel,
      The spa model is a Sundance Optima /W and the date is 04/23/03. I have resolved the “FLO” error. I hope that now it can start heating again as it is still flashing “COOL”. The display is now continuously showing “CHANGE FILTER”. I have removed the filter, replaced it and it is still flashing “CHANGE FILTER”.Can you help with this error?

      1. Jeremy the cool msg means the temperature of the water is 20 degrees below the set temperature. The pump and heater will turn on til the temperature rises within 15 degrees of the set temperature and then shut off. The change filter symbol is not an error msg. It is programmable parameter. Simply press your cycle button twice when in Standard mode. Then press the select button. Then press the up or down arrow to adjust the countdown reminder timer for changing your filter. Press the display button to lock this in. If all else fails contact your local Sundance Support Desk to program your Sundance Optima spa.

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