Bullfrog hot tub

I have a bullfrog model 451 Hot tub .And my high speed jets aren’t working.when you hit the button to turn them on you hear a Clicking sound like they want to turn on but they don’t.I believe I only have one pump for everything but the hotbed circulates and filters fine .and the heater and lights work and not showing any codes.Thanks for any help.

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  1. Hi Scott. With your multimeter you would want to check for proper voltage on the circuit board at your pump hi speed points right after you activate hi speed and hear the click. If you have proper voltage there on hi speed you could have a bad pump motor. If you don’t have proper voltage there you could have a bad board. You could confirm a bad pump motor by bench testing it ie applying direct power to the hi speed points on it. Just check your motor namplate for voltage rating and jumper settings before applying power to it.

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