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I changed my Flow Switch ( 2003 Sweetwater Cayman ) yesterday. When I powered the spa back up, I am now receiving a FL1 code. Here are my concerns – 1) is it possible that I did not get a good connection on the circuit board with the flow switch wires? Would that cause my Circ Pump to stop operating? The Circ Pump Worked great before this repair, when powered back up the Circ Pump acted sporadically then shuddered and won’t start up. The Hut Tube was also low on water due to a leaking heater from the area of the black box at the base of the heater U-shape tube. The filter was 1/2 exposed an probably took in air. Would an airlock cause the conditions I described sans the leaking heater

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  1. Paul a bad connection at the circuit board and or Flow switch can cause the FL1 msg.  A circ pump not turning when there is call for it to turn on can cause the FL1 msg.  A soiled filter can cause the FL1 msg.  Check your filter and connections again at the Flow switch and at the PWA.  Cycle the power off/on to the spa, then set your filter cycles for F3 and raise your temperature setting on the spa at least 2 degrees above actual temperature in the spa.  Within moments your heat light should come on.  If it doesn’t check to see if you have 240vac at J13 and J14 on your PWA.  If you have 240vac here then you may have a plugged or bad circ pump or a loose or bad connection from the pump to the PWA.  If you don’t have 240vac here with a heat call you may have a bad PWA.  If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a Diagnostic and repair of your Sweetwater Spa.

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